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I have over 26 years of trial experience, and am compassionate and committed to providing high-quality, ethical, legal representation to clients who need help with serious personal injury, criminal law, civil law and family law issues.

I have represented clients facing a variety of legal issues in over half of Indiana’s 92 counties

High-Quality Legal Representation For Every Client

I am passionate about my work and the people I help. Every case, and every client, receives the same high-quality, professional representation. I provide realistic expectations while holding myself to the highest ethical standards.

I am approachable, friendly and honest, and I communicate openly and will ensure you fully understand all the options available to you.

Fighting For Freedom And Justice For You

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Family Law
Family Law
Additional Practice Areas

Additional Practice Areas

Discovery And Details Are The Key To Every Case

As an experienced trial attorney, I know the importance of doing a detailed job when evaluating any case. Personal injury, family law, criminal law and civil law matters are not to be taken lightly. The risks can be high, and the outcomes can profoundly impact your life, livelihood and future.

Conducting a thorough investigation allows me to pursue the most favorable results, understand the value of your case, and know whether mediation or a trial is the best option. Each strategic plan I create is customized to meet my clients’ needs and best interests.

Trial By Jury

The jury trial experience is a one-of-a-kind experience that I have a deep appreciation for. I feel privileged and honored to have served as a lead counsel on several jury trials in my career.

I have been lead counsel for some 15 jury trials and for many bench trials, and have been on the litigation team dozens more. To me, nothing is more gratifying than the feeling of winning a favorable verdict on behalf of my client.

As an experienced trial attorney, I will provide realistic facts and scenarios about the people on the jury, how they are selected and the potential impacts jury members can have on your case. Empowering you with this knowledge allows you to be better prepared, make a decision with my guidance, and fully understand the risks and implications of a trial by jury.

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