Passionate About Every Case, Every Client

Experienced Counsel In Criminal And Civil Law

Civil or criminal lawsuits can thrust you into a complex legal landscape with rapidly-changing variables and high stakes. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a civil suit, your finances, security and reputation can be helped – or harmed – by the attorney you hire, while as a defendant in a criminal case, your livelihood, freedom and future are under threat.

I understand that your legal matter is not just a routine court process – it’s your life. My name is Thomas J. Gaunt Attorney at Law, and I have helped hundreds of individuals across Indiana obtain favorable results in their civil or criminal cases. I can help you, too. With over 26 years of experience balancing advocacy with assertive negotiation, I can strive to pursue a strong position as I work towards a positive resolution to your legal issue.

A Firm Commitment To Your Dignity And Freedoms

I am firmly committed to protecting the rights and freedom of individuals facing state and federal criminal charges. Representing defendants from misdemeanor to major felony cases, I can provide you with dedicated, focused counsel in cases related to:

  • Assault and battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Drunk driving (DUI)
  • Drug crimes
  • Sex crimes or sexual abuse allegations
  • Traffic violations
  • White collar and business crimes

In each of these areas, having a skilled trial attorney on your side is essential. I have been lead counsel for some 15 jury trials and for numerous bench trials, and have been on the litigation team for many, many more. While prosecutors will do their best to turn a court against you, I know how to persuade juries, assert your rights, and defend your dignity. From witness depositions to jury selections, I will work diligently to build a robust and effective case for you and to create conditions that are conducive to dismissal or acquittal.

An Outstanding Record Of Civil Law Success

I am also prepared to represent you in a variety of civil law proceedings, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Family law conflicts
  • Lemon law (vehicle warranty) cases
  • Personal injury claims
  • Property and real estate settlements

In my civil law practice, I have served as lead trial counsel on hundreds of cases across over half of Indiana’s 92 counties. Many of these resulted in successfully-negotiated settlements on behalf of my clients, including a class action settlement in a federal suit involving over 100 class members. In those cases which have proceeded to trial, I have won favorable jury and bench verdicts for my clients before city and state courts and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana – including against a major bank and one of the nation’s largest rental car companies.

Protecting Your Rights With Hard Work And Honesty

In both criminal and civil cases, my clients and competitors have come to admire my honesty and my loyalty. I will not rope you in or lead you on with false promises and guaranteed outcomes, and I will never violate the high ethical standards I am required to maintain as a practitioner of the law.

I will, however, be forthright about your options – helping you set realistic goals and expectations. I will maintain open, attentive communication with you at all times, so that you understand any developments in your case, and so that I can continuously and attentively meet your needs. I will remain dedicated to you and your interests – refusing to accept an easy or unfair deal or settlement, and protect your rights through every step of the legal process.

For a trusted, respected counselor and advocate, contact me, Thomas J. Gaunt Attorney at Law. You can schedule a consultation by calling 317-565-6081 or by completing my online form.